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Voyage Ultra Lounge – Sky Bar in Miami

USA_Miami_1The Voyage Ultra Lounge in Miami is like a one-stop venue where people could have all the fun that they need. This place can be a very hip bar, it could be club for those who love to dance to great music, and it could be everything and anything that people want it to be, that is why it is considered one of the best rooftop bars in all of Miami.

This place is also amazing even if people decide to visit the place in the afternoon. They are already open and they offer early afternoon drinks for those who want to spend some time just relaxing first, without the crowd and all the goings-on.

  • Hours: Fri-Sat 11 pm – 5 am
  • Address: 66 SW 6 Street, Miami, FL 33130

Rooftop Pool Bar at Catalina Hotel – Sky Bar in Miami

Rooftop Pool Bar at Catalina Hotel – Sky Bar in MiamiThis is one of the most relaxing places that people could find when in Miami. This is such a beautiful venue where people can just relax for hours and worry about nothing at all. This is a place where people can really just sit back, relax, take a dip, and have a sip of the best drinks that the bar offers.

The Rooftop Pool Bar at the Catalina Hotel is really a place that would make people feel the good life. They will not just have a great view but they will also have the best ambiance and the coziest feeling that they could ever get.

  • Address: 1732-1756 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach, Florida 33139
  • Tel: 305.674.1160
  • Fax: 305.674.7522

Gansevoort South – Sky Bar in Miami

USA_Miami_1This is one of the best hotels in Miami, according to critics and people who have had an experience staying in the hotel. But what most people do not know is that the hotel has a very spectacular rooftop pool and bar, which makes Gansevoort South indeed one of the finest in Miami.

This is a place where people can spend some time just basking in the sun or taking a quick dip and just relaxing by the pool with some drinks and soaking all the beauty of the surrounding. This is such a beautiful place that people do not want to go anywhere else but here.

  • Address: 2377 Collins Avenue, Miami, FL
  • Phone:(305) 604-6997