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The Tavern Downtown – Sky Bar in Denver

USA_Denver_1With The Tavern Downtown’s newly renovated rooftop bar people can now enjoy more fun time with their friends while having some drinks. This location is perfect for those who just want to spend some time just relaxing and hanging out with some buddies.

There is also a room downstairs of The Tavern Downtown for dining, dancing and other activities, but it is the rooftop area that is the favorite of many locals, and a couple of tourists as well.

The Tavern Downtown is a very cool place for people to spend quality time with someone after a great dinner and just chatting and having fun.

  • Address: 1949 Market St. Denver, Colorado 80202 USA
  • Phone Number: (303) 299-0100

Strata Bar – Sky Bar in Denver

USA_Denver_1For people who have not been in the Hyatt Regency Denver’s sky bar called Strata Bar then it is high time to pay this very popular hangout a visit. People who live in Denver know this place very well, since this bar is a favorite of people from all walks of life, even the tourists love Strata Bar.

People will be treated with a list of great drinks and satisfying foods that would make the night even more special. After eating, people can enjoy the night ahead by just spending a very relaxing time, admiring the view and chatting with friends.

  • Address: Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention Center

650 15th Street Denver, Colorado, USA 80202

  • Phone Number: (303) 436-1234

Sengers on the Fax – Sky Bar in Denver

USA_Denver_1The Sengers on the Fax is a place that people can hangout with friends for hours without getting bored. For one, the place is really gorgeous. People can have a feast with what they can see around, the decor, the paintings, the furniture, the lights, even the tiniest details are really well thought-out and people could feel the love that was poured and dedicated to make the place stunning.

Another thing that people would love with the Sengers on the Fax is the amazing list of cocktails that people can choose from. Each drink is as delicious and as exciting as the next one.

  • Address: 3014 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80206
  • Phone Number: (303) 355-0823