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Roof – Sky Bar in Chicago

USA_Chicago_1This bar which is simply named the Roof has a very friendly ambiance. People can have some drinks here after a very busy day at work and some food if they feel like eating. The entire presentation of the Roof will remind people of what it is like to be outdoors and just enjoy the breeze and the company of other people.

People would not just love the bar itself but also the spectacular view of the Chicago skyscrapers at night with all its amazing lights. Found inside of the Wit Hotel, the Roof is one of the best after-office getaways.

  • Phone Number: (312) 239-9501
  • Address: The Wit Hotel – 201 N State Chicago, IL 60601

The Terrace at Conrad – Sky Bar in Chicago

USA_Chicago_1Trying to find the perfect adjective to describe The Terrace at Conrad bar would be tough since there is no one word that could describe the beauty of the place. The bar is just breathtaking, people who think that they deserve a reward for a job well done or finishing a task could go to this place and celebrate. People can both have fun and relax in The Terrace at Conrad.

The bar is located inside the Magnificent Mile Hotel which is part of the Hilton Hotel family and one of the best hotels in Chicago.

  • Hours: 11am-11pm Sunday to Thursday 11.30am-12am Friday and Saturday
  • Address: The Terrace at Conrad – 521 North Rush Street Chicago, IL
  • Telephone Number: (312) 645-1500

Terrace at Trump – Sky Bar in Chicago

USA_Chicago_1The Terrace at Trump is one of the most sophisticated bars in Chicago. Everything in the place is really excellent from the décor to the choices of furniture the whole place is really very stylish. The service is also a cut above the rest. People would really feel pampered while enjoying their dinner or just having a drink and relaxing on one of the elegant couches.

The Terrace at Trump is open everyday and people can go and enjoy fine dining with some colleagues or friends, or enjoy a romantic date with a stunning view of the Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.

  • Hours: Daily – 2.30pm to 11pm
  • Phone Number: (312) 588-8600
  • Address: Terrace at Trump – 401 N. Wabash Avenue, 16th Floor, Chicago, IL 60611