Tabaq Bistro – Sky Bar in Washington

USA_Washington_1For people who are looking for something new, especially for the tourists, then the Tabaq Bistro is the best choice. This is a very trendy rooftop bar that is designed to cater to people in all kinds of weather since half of the place is retractable while the other half is glass enclosed which is really very cool, most especially at night. People will be able to see the beauty of Washington at night and have a great experience with friends or with a special someone.

Another reason why people always choose Tabaq Bistro among other places is the food that they serve. They have a variety of international cuisines that people would surely love.

  • Hours: Mon-Thu 5 pm – 11 pm / Fri-Sat 5 pm – 12 am / Sat-Sun 11 am – 4 pm
  • Address: 1336 U St NW, Washington, DC 20050
  • Phone Number: (202) 265-0965

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