Spicers Balfour Hotel – Sky Bar in Brisbane

Most people in Brisbane and some of the tourists know Spicers Balfour as one of the most exquisite when it comes to accommodation, but the place also has an open area or sky bar where people can really enjoy the magic of the place and all the joy that it brings.

The whole Spicers Balfour screams perfection, the color schemes, the pieces of furniture, the decor, the ambiance, the whole set-up, everything is just stunning.

Enjoying a meal and some drinks in this place would really make people feel great. The verandah is really fascinating, people would not just get their money’s worth, they would also have a very memorable experience in the place.

  • Address: 37 Balfour Street, Brisbane QLD 4005, Australia
  • Phone Number: +61 7 3358 8888 ‎


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