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Angels and Kings – Sky Bar in Barcelona

Spain_1Angels and Kings is one of the most beautiful and interesting bars in Barcelona. It is an open-air bar with a swimming pool where people can really free their minds and just unwind. With the presence of all the elements around, the air and the water, people can really just sit back and relax. This bar also has a first-rate interior design and everything that people see inside starting from the candelabras are all very exquisite.

The star of this bar is actually there open stage where people can enjoy karaoke. Since there are a lot of people in Barcelona who love to sing then the Angels and Kings could be just the place for everybody.

  • Phone Number: (34) 93 367 20 50
  • Address: DIAGONAL / PERE IV, 272 286



Dos Cielos – Sky Bar in Barcelona

Spain_1For people who want to give themselves a treat and taste scrumptious foods at the same time, then Dos Cielos is the perfect place to be. This place has a picturesque view of the city of Barcelona and people, especially the tourists, will really be in awe of the beauty of the place.

Dos Cielos is very proud of the magnificent array of foods that they have for the people. The chefs and all the crew working for the bar are all very professional and client-centered. So, people will really feel pampered and feel like a V.I.P.

  • Address: ME BARCELONA

PERE IV, 272 286. 08005 BARCELONA, SPAIN

Brisa del Mar Terrace – Sky Bar in Barcelona

Spain_1The Brisa del Mar Terrace is one of the most beautiful parts of HOTEL DUQUESA DE CARDONA. This terrace has two areas, one is the place where people who want to take a quick dip after a tiring day could stay and have a great time, while the other part is the bar where people can just sit down and sip their cocktails and reflect on the day that went by or think of the day ahead.

This terrace has a very amazing view of Barcelona and this place is also perfect for couples and honeymooners.

  • Phone Number: +34 93 268 90 90