Skyline Lounge at the Capitol Skyline Hotel – Sky Bar in Washington

USA_Washington_1The Capitol Skyline Hotel is one of the upscale hotels in Washington and for people who would love to check out the place then they should definitely spend some time and hang out with friends in the hotel’s sky bar which is called the Skyline Lounge. The hotel actually also has a pool bar that would excite a lot of avid swimmers.

The Skyline Lounge has a full bar that serves a wide variety of spirits and other drinks. People can just choose to hang around with friends and have a wonderful view at the same time. Again, having a quick dip is never a bad idea since the pool is really very refreshing and people could enjoy other stuff right after.

  • Address: 10 I Street SW, Washington, DC, 20024
  • T: 202.488.7500

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