San Sebastian Winery – Sky Bar in St. Augustine

San Sebastian Winery – Sky Bar in St. AugustineSt. Augustine may not be the most popular city in Florida but it sure is a place where people can get the best tasting wine in the place. The San Sebastian Winery is a wonderful place for wine lovers and those who love spending time with friends, catching up, and just having a great time together.

San Sebastian Winery is not just a winery actually, they have a wine and jazz bar which is located on their rooftop which they call The Cellar Upstairs. People will really love this place and the vibes that the atmosphere brings. With great live music and the best wines and some imported beers, what else could people ask for?

  • Address: San Sebastian Winery – 157 King Street, St. Augustine, Florida 32084
  • 1-888-352-9463
  • Tel (904) 826-1594
  • Fax (904) 826-1595

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