The Rooftop Terrass at the Terrass Hotel – Sky Bars in Paris

France_1When in Paris, everything turns beautiful, even the not so pretty would look pleasant to the eyes, and this is the kind of magic that Paris gives to the people, especially to visitors. The Rooftop Terrass is situated on top of the Terrass hotel where people can have a front row seat of the very stunning Eiffel Tower. This view would be more appreciated at night when the Eiffel Tower is already all lit-up and would look more gorgeous than ever. So, this place could also easily be a very ideal date place since the view and the ambiance make the air more romantic. The only downside of this bar is that since it is very famous among the locals, this place gets easily jam packed.

  • Address: Terrass Hôtel 12-14 rue Joseph-de-Maistre – 75018 PARIS – France
  • Tél. : +33
  • Fax. : +33

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