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Les Ombres – Sky Bar in Paris

France_1For people who dreamt of seeing the Eiffel Tower, they would really be more amazed when they do not only get to see this world renowned French icon but also dine and drink at the same time.

The Les Ombres is a place where people can just sit comfortably with a drink in hand and just stare at the Eiffel Tower the whole night. Aside from the very famous tower, people are also in for a treat since the cityscape of Paris alone is already very gorgeous, coupled with other stunning structures around plus the Siene River as a bonus. People, especially the tourists, could not really ask for anything else.

  • Address: 27 Quai Branly, 75007 Paris, France
  • Phone Number: +33 1 47 53 68 00

Le Deli-Cieux – Sky Bar in Paris

France_1Perched on the 9th floor of the Printemps de la Maison is Le Deli Cieux. The outdoor terrace of this rooftop bar is really a beauty. People will not just have a very refreshing feeling they would also have the best view of Paris.

One of the things that people would really like and appreciate about Le Deli Cieux is the affordability of their foods and drinks. People, especially the tourists, would really be able to enjoy this bar and Paris more because they do not need to be bothered by overspending.

Some bars may look relaxing but prices are very high that clients would really not be that relaxed after all.

  • Address: 66 Boulevard Haussmann, 75009 Paris, France
  • Phone Number: +33 1 42 82 62 76

Le Georges – Sky Bar in Paris

The Le Georges rooftop bar is amazing depending on how people assess bars. For those who are looking for the best service then this would just fall under the average level. Ordering would really take some time, but for people who do not mind waiting then there is no problem, especially since the waitresses as well as the rest of staff are really good-looking.

This is also a very nice place where people can catch up with friends, or spend an afternoon after work just chilling, having a drink or two and just lounging around.

This place also has a gorgeous view, and tourists will have a good look of the Notre Dame Cathedral, City Hall and other well-known places and tourist spots in Paris.

  • Address: 19 Rue Beaubourg, 75003 Paris, France
  • Phone Number: +33 1 44 78 47 99