Moncur Terrace – Sky Bar in Sydney

Australia_Pic10The Moncur Terrace is a very special part of the Woollahra Hotel. The outdoor seating of the place is the best, since people can really be themselves and just enjoy their meal and drink.

The service in this place is also first-rate, people do not have to wait long to get their order, which makes this place great for those who are hungry or in a hurry. The Moncur Terrace also has a wide-ranging menu, and people will really be able to satisfy their cravings here and have all the things that they want. The outdoor area is also a perfect after meal hangout place, where people could just enjoy their drink with friends and have fun.

  • Cuisine: Modern Australian
  • Address: 116 Queen St Woollahra NSW 2025
  • Phone Number: (02) 9327 9777

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