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Gaudeamus Cafe – Sky Bar in Madrid

From the building where this rooftop bar is located to the view that people could get from the place, everything is so unique and really amazing. People would always see Gaudeamus Cafe jam packed and always in high energy. People really love the place, especially since they can have the best view in this bar.

The Gaudeamus Cafe has a very relaxing atmosphere and people can really enjoy their drinks more in a place like this. People can also choose to enjoy their lunch in this rooftop bar if people want to have a great view while enjoying their meal.

  • Address: C/ Tribulete, 14, 28012 Madrid, Spain
  • Phone Number: +34 915 28 25 94

La Terraza del Urban – Sky Bar in Madrid

Spain_1The La Terraza del Urban is located on the 6th floor of Hotel Urban and can accommodate 150 people. But since this rooftop bar is very famous among the locals and tourists, people have to check this bar out earlier to get a seat and enjoy the whole experience.

People would really want to get to this place early since the view is far better when the sun is still about to set. The color and the mood of the surrounding are perfect, people with dates would also find the place very romantic.

People would also love the pieces of furniture and design of La Terraza del Urban, so aside from the drinks there are still other things to love and enjoy in this sky bar.

  • Address: Carrera de San Jerónimo, 34, 28014 Madrid, Spain
  • Phone Number: +34 917 87 77 70

Splash at Oscar Pool Club – Sky Bar in Madrid

Spain_1Located on the 8th floor of a building and with a 75-people capacity and a gorgeous view, this sky bar is really one of the best in Madrid.

People can really just chill in this sky bar and be in awe with the view and the beauty of Madrid. People will be able to appreciate and love the place more because of the mood and the kind of vibes that it gives, that even those who are really not feeling good will be able to turn their emotions into something positive.

This rooftop bar has a small pool where people can take a dip and enjoy their drinks afterwards.

  • Address: Plaza Vázquez de Mella, 12 28004 Madrid, Spain
  • Phone Number: 917 011 173