Breeze – Sky Bar in Singapore

Singapore_1People who have been to this sky bar would always remember the place when they think of beauty and comfort. The place can be a haven to people who want to unwind and just relax for the night. This place would really help people forget about their worries and problems, even just for a while.

This rooftop terrace has numerous comfy chairs and booths where people can get cozy with their love ones and friends and just enjoy the whole night drinking and chatting.

For people who want to be alone and just spend some “me” time, then the Breeze can also be the perfect place. People will love just watching the beautiful view and some of the bar’s exotic and delicious cocktail drinks.

  • Address: The Scarlet Hotel, 33 Erskine Rd, Singapore 069333
  • Phone Number: +65 6511 3333

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