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Sky Bar – Sky Bar in Vienna

Austria_Pic2This rooftop bar is really very chic and people would really love the kind of comfort and elegance that this place gives. With glass as walls, people will really have a very good and clear view of the beauty of Vienna. The Sky bar’s rooftop is probably one of places in Vienna where people, especially the tourists, could have a nice view of the city.

People can enjoy their drinks in this bar, just hanging out with friends and loving the view. Since this place is open daily people can go to the bar and catch up with friends as often as they want.

  • Hours: 11.30 am – 4am Daily
  • Address: Kartnerstrasse 19 , Vienna, 1010
  • Telephone: (431) 513 17 12

Voksgarten – Sky Bar in Vienna

Austria_Pic1Although the drinks can be a bit expensive in this bar, Voksgarten is definitely worth all of the money spent. This bar which is also very famous for dancing has the best and the most modern dance floor. This is the only place where the phrase “dancing under the stars” is not just a metaphor. People can actually dance under the moonless night or under a starry, starry night, since the place is situated high up and the bar has an amazing electronic roof that can be opened for dancing.

This is a very great place for people who love to drink, unwind, and dance the night away.

  • Hours: Monday to Sunday – 8pm – 5am
  • Address: Burgring , Vienna, 1010
  • Phone Number: 004 315 324 241