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Belushi – Sky Bar in Buenos Aires


This bar has a very young and hip crowd, although this bar is not exclusive for people in their 20′s or 30′s, this bar is always jam packed with very young clients. The regular customers of Belushi are also not just any young Argentinian but beautiful and really very attractive gals and guys.

Tourists would really love Belushi for its stylish interior, especially the choice of furniture and the top decks, and they would also fall in love with the people. The drinks and the music are also two of the most popular features of the very posh Belushi bar.

  • Address: Honduras 5339, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Phone Number: +54 11 4551-6551

Le Bar – Sky Bar in Buenos Aires


Le Bar was actually once a mansion, transformed into a very cool and hip bar where people of Buenos Aires really love to hang out. The idea of the whole set up is very smart and stylish, people can find some hidden spaces where people who do not really want to mingle with a lot of people could stay. This bar also actually has a terrace which is a favorite of most of the Le Bar clients.

This bar closes earlier compared to other bars in Buenos Aires, that is why the place is already very full after office hours, where workers would like to just grab a drink and hang out with some friends.

  • Hours: Monday to Saturday from 12 – 2am
  • Address: Tucumán 422, Buenos Aires

Carnal – Sky Bar in Buenos Aires


For people who love to mingle with the crowd of young, cool, and beautiful people then Carnal is the best place to be when in Buenos Aires. This place is very popular among locals who love to rub shoulders with other people and just want to have fun all night long.

The cocktails in this bar are also very popular and usually people bring their glass in the terrace where the crowd really have all the fun. People will not only have a fun time here but there is also a very big possibility of meeting a lot of new friends.

Address: Niceto Vega 5511, Palermo, Buenos Aires
Phone Number: 4772 7582